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i'm stephanie

I'm a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, restorative wellness practitioner, certified holistic health coach, and educator. I inspire individuals to take back their health with real food so they can finally get to the root cause of dysfunction and restore wellness within themselves. I reside in Boise, Idaho where I enjoy spending time outdoors, drinking copious amounts of tea, cuddling with cats, and reading good books. 

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15 Foods That Help Increase Fat-Burning

Summer is almost upon us and there are quite a few people looking to shed a few inches of fat before having to show up at the beach on their summer vacation (if you actually still get to go on one). If you're one of them, or if you're just curious what foods can help you burn fat, check out the infographic below.

This infographic was created by the team over at for free use by members of the Holistic Entrepreneur Association.


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