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i'm stephanie

I'm a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, restorative wellness practitioner, certified holistic health coach, and educator. I inspire individuals to take back their health with real food so they can finally get to the root cause of dysfunction and restore wellness within themselves. I reside in Boise, Idaho where I enjoy spending time outdoors, drinking copious amounts of tea, cuddling with cats, and reading good books. 

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Sweet Potatoes: My Favorite Carb!

Sweet potatoes are my favorite complex carb. I eat them because I love carbs, but I'm trying to avoid refined carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are a great option for many reasons. They're a good source of vitamin C. They are high in antioxidants that can help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. They provide your body with a slow burning form of energy so they don't spike your blood sugar. They're a good source of fiber, helping you to feel full longer. Plus they're delicious once you've acquired a taste for them. Yes, believe it or not, there are quite a few people I've encountered who turn up their nose at this starchy root vegetable.

I rounded up a handful of sweet potato recipes that prove they're not just a Thanksgiving side dish. Check out the recipes below, and let me know if you try one.

Breakfast Sweet Potato Toast from Eating Bird Food

Greek Yogurt BBQ Sweet Potato Salad from Skinny Fitalicious

Sweet Potato Turmeric Soup from The Endless Meal

Maple Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Little Bits Of Real Food

Sweet Potato Bacon Tots from Real Food with Jessica

Paleo Sweet Potato Gnocchi from Tasty Yummies

Sweet Potato Noodle Stir Fry from The Defined Dish

Sweet Potato Sliders from Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Mini Sweet Potato Pies from Steph Gaudreau


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